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In addition to being a skilled trombonist, vocalist, band leader, arranger and so on, PaulHyde is an experienced and accomplished sound engineer providing technical support for a number of bands, notably the John Miller Orchestra and Cubana Bop.

Here’s what the leaders of those two internationally know bands say about Paul Hyde’s work:-

“…for a number of years any time I require a sound system the first person I call is paul hyde. I have always been satisfied as paul is a skillful and knowledgable sound engineer with excellent equipment and a work ethic to match and is fully qualified to handle the sound set up and mixing for a big band. It follows that any group comprising a lesser number of musicians would be handled by him with ease…”

John Miller

“I have known paul since the mid 1980’s in my work as a freelance professional jazz musician I have worked with him in his band as well as hiring his services as a sound engineer for live events b y my band cubaba bop. As a sound engineer he operates his own system with complete professionalism and achieves both a ‘front of house’ and ‘on stage’ sound which is always to the requirements of the situation. This is quite a rare thing in the business as there are many engineers who, not being musicians, have no idea of what the band should sound like! Paul is punctual, reliable and always considerate in his dealings with others…”

Terry Seabrook

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